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We Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Work And Home Space That Way You Enjoy Those Environments Even More



Korody Design offers assistance in designing and delivering home office spaces that are not only functional but also promote focus and balance. Our services are tailored to help individuals create a workspace that meets their specific needs, inspiring productivity and contributing to their overall well-being.


To achieve success in managing your workday and team, it's important to have an effective office space. Korody Designs offers a range of services, from design to delivery, that can help you create private office spaces that inspire and lay the foundation for success. With their expertise, you can create a workspace that is not only functional but also inspires productivity and fosters a positive work environment.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Darren Nguyen

Korodys expertise, professionalism & honesty are remarkable traits that are so rare in the world of businesses today! They took their time and designed our home in a beneficial way it exceeded our expectations!

Shawn Costas

Thank you Korody Design for being efficient and for their accomodations towards our strict schedule with. Our office hired more workers but we needed more work space and that was when Korody came in. In less than a a month, we were able to fit 5 nerw employees into our office without the work environment feeling cramped!

Kevin Khang

I would reccomend Korody to anyone that is looking for professional interior designers that are efficeint and transparent. We recently purhcased a new office and the layout plan was quite difficult that other interior design companies were discouraged and told us they could't assist us but once I came across Korody, they overcame the challenge so effortlessly. Thank you to Diane and her wonderful team!

Mohammed Shafiq

Diane and her amazing team are pros at this! They are honest and provided great insights through every stage our our home remodeling. Highly recommend their service to anyone looking to remodel their homes!

Sera Nguyen

We used Korody for my husbands business located in San Francisco. They provided a comprehensive plan with multple office layout options and configurartions that would best suit the place as well as fit in our budget. We look forward to working with them again! 

Henry Ngo

Great services here being provided in the Bay Area! Diane and her teams profesionalism are worth every penny my wife and I paid. Theur prices are far better than any other place I have come across in the area. thank you Korody Designs!