We Help Our Clients Modernize Their Business Offices Layouts OR Homes Floor Plans 


In today's modern workplace, innovation and transformation are key drivers of success. Brilliant minds collaborate to create solutions that offer lasting value to clients and partners. Unfortunately, some businesses still operate within antiquated office environments that impede innovation and collaborative work in the 21st century.

Thankfully, Korody Designs is dedicated to assisting businesses of every size in recruiting and retaining exceptional talent. They provide customized services and professional guidance in developing workspaces that enhance productivity and foster innovation. Whether from initial planning to final installation, Korody Design can provide comprehensive support to ensure workspaces succeed in today's rapidly evolving business environment.

A functional home office space can provide the inspiration and balance needed to stay focused and productive. Korody Design offers plans and services to help you create a customized home office space that maximizes function and inspires productivity. Whether you need a dedicated workspace or a more versatile setup, Korody Design can help you create a home office space that meets your unique needs.

Korody Design boasts a team of experienced professionals, each with their own unique strengths and specialties. Working collaboratively, we ensure that every project benefits from the full range of skill sets needed for success.



With over 5 years of experience in office interior design and design, our team has helped numerous businesses throughout the Bay Area achieve their workspace goals. We offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, from initial design to final installation. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to provide expert guidance and support to ensure that every project is a success.


At our company, we understand that every client is unique and has their own individual preferences and requirements. That's why we don't operate with a one-size-fits-all mindset or work in silos. Instead, we offer personalized services that are tailored to accommodate your specific needs, from start to finish. Our team works closely with you to understand your preferences and ensure that every aspect of the project is customized to meet your specific requirements.


We believe that quality is paramount, and our commitment to delivering hassle-free and quality-backed office interior products and services is unwavering. We understand that when it comes to creating a workspace that meets your needs, cutting corners is not an option. That's why we only offer high-quality products and services that are designed to last. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can rest assured that you will always get what you pay for and that the end result will be a workspace that you can be proud of.


Diane Nguyen